AFL Goal of the Year

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AFL "Goal of the Year"
Year Player Team Notes
2007 Matthew Lloyd Essendon F.C. Matthew Lloyd back-heeled the goal from three metres.
2006 Eddie Betts Carlton Blues Stopped Tarkyn Lockyer's handball, got the ball and, with two player around him, kicked a banana from the boundary for the goal.
2005 Chris Judd West Coast Eagles Burst from a boundary throw in on the half forward flank, spun out of a tackle and kicked a goal from about 40 metres.
2004 Daniel Wells Kangaroos F.C. Described as "Jackie Chan in mid-air", Wells jumped into the air, grabbed the ball out of the ruck and kicked in one motion in the goalsquare.
2003 Daniel Kerr West Coast Eagles Received the football at half-back, before taking 5 bounces and finishing from 48m out.
2002 Jason Akermanis Brisbane Lions A snap shot from 55m out on his non-preferred left foot, along the boundary line while turning around to the left of the goals.
2001 Mark Merenda West Coast Eagles Paddled the ball from outside 50 along the boundary line towards goal and snapped it through from the pocket.
2000 Kingsley Hunter Western Bulldogs Running from the defensive 50, he keep going, laid a handball off to Scott Wynd, received it back, lined up from forward 50 and slotted it home.
1999 Ben Cousins West Coast Eagles Peter Matera gathered ball in centre square, handballs to Cousins, handball back to Matera and again back to Cousins who kicks the goal from about 35m out.
1998 Jeff Farmer Melbourne F.C. Ran the length of the ground, giving off 2 return handballs, to then receive the ball back, evade multiple opposition players and kick a goal from 45 meters out on the boundary line.
1997 Austinn Jones St. Kilda F.C. Ran hard and took several bounces and snapped a goal.
1996 Winston Abraham Fremantle F.C.
1995 Tony Modra Adelaide Crows Tony Modra beat Richmond Full back Stuart Wigney to a loose ball after starting 30m behind then from 35m out hard on the boundary snapped the goal.
1994 Mick McGuane Collingwood F.C. In one of the most famous of all time, often compared to Phil Manassa's famous Grand Final run, McGuane had a total of 7 bounces from the centre square, avoiding two tackle tried before kicking the goal from 30m.
1993 Michael Long Essendon F.C. Ran and bounced several times for a goal.
1992 Darryl White Brisbane Bears After a short kick that did not travel to the leading forward, he kicked a ripper at Carrara from 30m
1991 Peter Daicos Collingwood F.C. Baulk & snap from the pocket.
1990 Michael Mitchell Richmond F.C. Gathered the ball in his own defensive area and set off on a 70-metre run through the centre of the Sydney Cricket Ground, escaping several tacklers and taking seven bounces before kicking from 35 metres out.
1989 Gary Ablett Geelong F.C. Dropped a contested mark in the middle of the ground before getting the loose ball, running into the forward line and snapping truly from 50m.
1988 Matthew Larkin North Melbourne F.C. Spun around 3 players, snapping from the pocket
1986 Jim Krakouer North Melbourne F.C. Grabbed ball on the boundary line and ran around Frank Dunell before kicking a goal from the boundary with his left foot.
1985 Andrew Bews Geelong F.C. A long run at Kardinia Park in which Bews avoided two tackles and bounced three times; 40m out from goal, Bews attempted to touch the ball on the ground, fumbled and overran the ball. He changed direction, recovered the ball and eventually slotted the goal from 30m.
1984 Geoff Raines Richmond F.C.
1983 Ken Hunter Carlton F.C
1982 Mick Conlan Fitzroy F.C. Marked on the wing, ran about 50 metres, avoided 2 tackles before kicking a goal from 60 metres.
1981 Peter Bosustow Carlton F.C. Smothered his Geelong opponent's attempted clearing kick 20m around in the right forward pocket at VFL Park, before standing, gathering and snapping a high goal over his right shoulder.
1980 Michael Turner Geelong F.C. 3 bounces, 1 baulk from the wing and a shot from 50m.
1978 Phil Baker North Melbourne F.C
1977 Phil Manassa Collingwood F.C. Manassa kicked a goal on the run from the half back flank in the 1977 Grand Final replay against North Melbourne F.C.
1976 Keith Greg North Melbourne F.C
1970 Alex Jesaulenko Carlton F.C.

The Geelong Cats have a good record with most nominations for "Goal of the Year".

Mitchell Gaffney has most nominations as a player ( 16, St. Kilda, 1971- 1980 )