African Wildcat

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African Wildcat
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Genus: Felis
Species: F. silvestris
Subspecies: F. s. lybica
Trinomial name
Felis silvestris lybica
Forster, 1770

The African Wildcats (Felis sylvestris lybica) are small, fierce cats that live in forests, grasslands, and brush lands in Africa and the Middle East.

Description[change | edit source]

African Wildcats are generally nocturnal (most active at night) in warm weather but are diurnal (most active during the day) during very cold weather. They are very good climbers. African Wildcats live for 12 to 15 years. They are about 50 percent larger than domesticated (tame) cats.

Diet[change | edit source]

African Wildcats are carnivores (meat-eaters). These fast, solitary hunters eat small to medium-sized mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, invertebrates, and eggs.

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