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Bean queen (sometimes rice and bean queen) is a gay slang term. The term refers to a white gay male who is chiefly attracted to Hispanic and Latino males. One source describes these white gay males as "Gay men who are attracted to gentlemen of the Latino flava."[1][2][3] "Bean queen" is probably derived from "rice queen". This term refers to a gay white male who is attracted to Asians. In this case, the word rice (the food that forms the basis of the Asian diet) has been substituted with the word bean or rice and bean, foods popular throughout Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Other food-based variations include taco queen and salsa queen.[2][4] Refried beans refers to Hispanic and Latino men who prefer other Hispanic and Latino men. Much less frequently, these terms are used to describe gay Latino males themselves.[4] The term is also used in a derogatory manner when referring to a drag queen of Hispanic or Latino background.[5]

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