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This is a map of New York City. The yellow part is Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is one of the 5 boroughs of New York City. It is also called Kings County. Brooklyn is the second largest borough in land area. Brooklyn has more people in it than any of the other 5 boroughs. In the early 21st century, about 2.5 million lived there. Brooklyn is the west end of Long Island. The East River separates it from Manhattan. Brookyn's only land boundary is with Queens.

History[change | change source]

Brooklyn is named after a Dutch town called "Breukelen". Dutch people were the first people from Europe to live in the area. When they got there, there were already some Native American people living there called the Lenape. The Dutch set up the city in 1634 as part of the colony of New Netherland.

Brooklyn was a separate city before the people there voted to join New York City in 1898. Today, many parts of Brooklyn are home to a lot of people from one culture or ethnicity.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a famous bridge in Brooklyn. It goes over the East River and connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. The largest bridge in New York connects Brooklyn to Staten Island. Brooklyn is one of the best known boroughs.