Cabrillo Beach

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Cabrillo Beach is a historic beach in San Pedro, California. Cabrillo has two separate beach areas.

Lifeguards[change | edit source]

Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County Lifeguards are responsible for the beach and ocean safety in and around the Cabrillo Beach area.

Geography[change | edit source]

Cabrillo Beach is next to the Los Angeles Harbor and is only a short boat ride away from Catalina Island.

Water Sports[change | edit source]

Cabrillo Beach is a popular destination for those interested in water sports, such as windsurfing, kayaking and SCUBA diving. Cabrillo Beach is known by windsurfers as "Hurricane Gulch" because of its predictably strong winds.

Landmarks[change | edit source]

It is also home to a few famous landmarks, namely the 1.75 mile Los Angeles Breakwater which ends at the Angeles Gate Lighthouse, the recently restored Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse, and the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. The Angels Gate Lighthouse is home to the annual Angel's Gate Lighthouse Swim competition, held by Lifeguards and San Pedro residents each summer.