Catalan independence

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People for Catalan independence in 2012
Estelada, the flag of Catalan independence

The Catalan independence or separatism is a political movement that supports the independence of Catalonia or the Catalan countries from Spain and France. The Catalan independentism comes from the 19th century. The independentists think that Catalonia is a nation. Catalonia has its own language (Catalan language) and culture (Catalan culture).

During the Francisco Franco dictatorship, Catalans and Catalan language were opressed. Recently, the number people who support Catalan independence has increased. In 2012 there was a demonstration in Barcelona with 1.500.000 people.[1] The majority of the parliament in Catalunya wants to do a referendum of independence, and 55% are separatist people.

The Estelada flag it's the symbol of the Catalan independence.

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  1. [1] 1.5 million people demonstrate peacefully for Catalonia’s independence from Spain