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College Scholastic Ability Test, known as Su-Neung, is a national standardized university entrance test in South Korea. The test is held on second Thursday of November of every year. The Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE) conducts and supervises the test. A person who wants to go to university must take the test. Its result is accepted by most of universities in Korea. It is a typical criterion to judge whether the person is allowed to go to a university.

Sections of the test[change | change source]

The test has five sections - Korean language, math, English language, Society/Science/Vocation education and Foreign language/Chinese Character. The applicants can choose the number of the domain which they would take, after considering of applicant's ability, aptitude, demand of the university which they apply to.

The Korean and English tests are common to all applicants. However, if the applicant decides to take Math, Society/Science/Vocation test and Foreign language/Chinese Character, he or she must choose the subtype of the test.

For Math test, there are two subtypes to choose - "Ga" or "Na". The type "Ga" consists of three parts - Math (12 questions), Math (13 questions), Selection subjects (among Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, 5 questions). Type "Na" consists of 30 questions from Math and basic calculus and Statistics.

For Society/Science/Vocation education section, applicants have to choose one category from the three and each has several subtypes.

  • In society education section, applicants have to choose at most three subjects from eleven subjects (Ethics, Korean History, Korean Modern and Contemporary History, World History, Korean Geography, World Geography, Economic Geography, Law and Society, Politics, Economics, Society and Culture).
  • In science section, it is necessary to choose at most three subjects from eight subjects (Physics Ⅰ, Chemistry Ⅰ, Biology Ⅰ, Earth Science Ⅰ, Physics Ⅱ, Chemistry Ⅱ, Biology Ⅱ, Earth Science Ⅱ).
  • In vocation section, it is allowed to choose at most three subjects from seventeen subjects. (1 subject can be chosen out of 4 computer-related subjects : Agricultural Information Management, Basic Information Technology, General Computers, Fishery and Shipping Information Processing ; Up to 2 subjects can be selected : Understanding of Agriculture, Techniques in Basic Agriculture, Introduction to Industry, Basic Drafting, Commercial Economy, Principles of Accounting, Introduction to Fisheries, General Marine Affairs, General Oceanography, Human Development, Food and Nutrition, General Design, Programming)

Finally, the applicants who take the Foreign language/Chinese Character test have to decide one subject out of eight (German I, French I, Spanish I, Chinese I, Japanese I, Russian I, Arabic I, Chinese Characters and Classics).

Timetable[change | change source]

The first test, Korean, starts at 8:40 A.M. The last test, Foreign language/Chinese Character test, ends at 5:35 P.M.. For disabled people, there is some extra time. Blind people are given 1.5 time prolonged time than normal applicants in every section, weak-eyed applicants and applicants who suffer from cerebral palsy are given 20 extra minutes in every sections.

Period Test Subject Time
1st Korean 08:40 ~ 10: 00 (80 minutes)
2nd Math 10:30 ~ 12:10 (100 minutes)
3rd English 13:10 ~ 14:20 (70 minutes)
4th Society/Science/Vocation section 1 14:50 ~ 15:20 (20mintues each)
Society/Science/Vocation section 2 15:22 ~ 15:52
Society/Science/Vocation section 3 15:54 ~ 16:24
5th Foreign language/Chinese Character 16:55 ~ 17:35 (40 minutes)