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The Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) is a NCAA conference that play in the NCAA Division I. The conference, formed in 1983, is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and features universities and colleges from the Eastern United States.

Members[change | edit source]

These colleges and universities are "full members" of the CAA, meaning that they play almost all of the sports that the CAA sponsors.

Elon University will join for all sports, including football, in July 2014.

Football[change | edit source]

The CAA has operated a football conference since the 2007 season. CAA football competes in Division I FCS (Football Championship Subdivision), the lower of two levels of NCAA Division I football. Although the CAA as a whole dates only to 1983, the football conference can trace its history to the late 1930s.

In 1938, five schools in New England formed the New England Conference, which played football along with other sports. When one of the schools left in 1945, the other schools joined with two other New England schools to form the Yankee Conference, which began play in 1947. In 1975, the Yankee Conference dropped all sports other than football, and over time many schools outside of New England joined the league. Due to changes in NCAA rules in 1997, the Yankee Conference merged into the Atlantic 10 Conference (A10). After the CAA announced plans to start a football league in 2007, all of the A10 football teams decided to join the CAA for that sport.

Of the full members of the CAA, Delaware, James Madison, Towson, and William & Mary have football teams. As noted above, incoming member Elon will play football in the CAA. The other schools that play football in the CAA, sometimes called "associate members", are:

All of these schools are members of other conferences in most sports. Albany, Maine, New Hampshire, and Stony Brook are in the America East Conference; Rhode Island and Richmond are in the A10; and Villanova is in the Big East Conference.

Other associate members[change | edit source]

The CAA has several other associate members who play in one or two sports in the conference. Richmond plays women's golf in the CAA, as well as football.

Two schools play men's lacrosse in the CAA:

Fairfield University will move its men's lacrosse team into the CAA in July 2014.

In addition to Richmond, one school also plays women's golf in the CAA:

One school has its women's rowing team in the CAA:

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