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Conference USA, officially abbreviated C-USA, is a group of college sports teams that play each other on the NCAA Division I level. It was formed in 1995 when the Great Midwest Conference and Metro Conference merged, and has added several members since then, mostly from the Western Athletic Conference.

The conference sends several teams to bowl games every year, including the Liberty Bowl and New Orleans Bowl.

Memphis has been the most successful men's basketball team in the conference, reaching the national championship game in 2008. (However, the NCAA later took Memphis's wins from that season away because a Memphis player, namely Derrick Rose, had not been eligible to play.)[1]

Members[change | edit source]

University of Tulsa playing basketball against the University of Alabama at Birmingham

This is a list of colleges and universities who play sports in Conference USA:

Associate members[change | edit source]

C-ISA also has many "associate members" who are conference members in only one sport.

Nine schools are members in women's rowing. Four of them compete solely as C-USA members. The other five are members of the Big 12 Conference and have dual conference membership in that sport, meaning that they compete among themselves for a Big 12 championship and also compete for the C-USA championship.

Three schools are members in men's soccer only:

One school is a member in women's soccer only:

One school is a member in women's swimming and diving only:

Former members[change | edit source]

Several schools used to be in Conference USA, but are not anymore. They are:

  • United States Military Academy (football only; more often known as "Army" for sports purposes)
  • University of Cincinnati
  • DePaul University
  • University of Houston
  • University of Louisville
  • Marquette University
  • University of Memphis
  • Saint Louis University
  • Southern Methodist University ("SMU")
  • Texas Christian University ("TCU")
  • University of Central Florida ("UCF")

Future membership changes[change | edit source]

In July 2014, three schools will leave C-USA and one other will join.

Leaving[change | edit source]

All of these schools will leave for the American Athletic Conference.

  • East Carolina
  • Tulane
  • Tulsa

Joining[change | edit source]

  • Western Kentucky

References[change | edit source]