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This box shows the color electric blue.
An argon sign has an electric blue glow.

Electric blue is a color that is a bright tone of cyan.

The first recorded use of electric blue as a color name in English was in 1884.[1]

Meaning of electric blue[change | edit source]

  • The tones of electric blue represent something or someone that is energetic like lightning.

Tones of electric blue color comparison chart[change | edit source]

Electra (ISCC-NBS)(Hex: #96DED1) (RGB: 150, 222, 209)
ELECTRIC BLUE (www.99colors.net) (Hex: #7DF9FF) (RGB: 125, 249, 255)
Vivid Electric Blue (Prismacolor PC1040 Electric Blue) (Hex: #3ECAE8) (RGB: 62, 202, 232)
Rich Electric Blue (www.99colors.net) (Hex: #0892D0) (RGB: 8, 146, 208)
Deep Electric Blue (French Electric Blue) (Electric Blue (Pourpre.com)) (Hex: #2C75FF) (RGB: 44, 117, 255)
Electric Blue (color wheel) (Blue (web color)) (Hex: #035096) (RGB: 0, 0, 255)
Medium Electric Blue (www.99colors.net) (Electric Blue (Maerz & Paul) (Hex: #035096) (RGB: 3, 80, 150)
Italian Electric Blue (Hex: #003399) (RGB: 0, 51, 153)
Medium Electra (Electric (ISCC-NBS)) (Hex: #367588) (RGB: 54, 117, 136)
Dark Electric Blue (Electric Blue (ISCC-NBS)) (Hex: #536878) (RGB: 83, 104, 120)

References[change | edit source]

  1. Maerz and Paul A Dictionary of Color New York:1930 McGraw-Hill, p.194; Color Sample of Electric Blue [fabric 1890s]: Page 97 Plate 37 Color Sample I7

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