F.C. AlzanoCene 1909

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F.C. AlzanoCene 1909
Full name Football Club AlzanoCene 1909
Founded 2007
Ground Stadio Carillo Pesenti Pigna,
Alzano Lombardo, Italy
(capacity: 1,900)
Chairman Giancarlo Pezzoli, Indro Scarpellini
Manager Giorgio Mastropasqua
League Serie D/B
2010–11 Serie D/B, 12th

F.C. AlzanoCene 1909 is a football club which plays in Italy. The club was founded in 2007 with the merger between A.S.D. Football Club Alzano 1909 from Alzano Lombardo and Ardens Cene from Cene.

Name[change | edit source]

After the merger in 2007, the name of the club was chaged to FC AlzanoCene 1909. Before the merger, each of the 2 clubs that were merged had several names:

1909-1931 FBC Alzano
1931-1993 US Alzano
1993-2003 Alzano Virescit FC 1909
2004-2007 ASD FC Alzano 1909
1947-1965 US Cene
1965-2007 Ardens Cene