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Ghazni (Persian/Pashto: غزنی - Ġaznī; historically known as غزنین / Ġaznīn and غزنه / Ġazna) is a city in central-east Afghanistan. The population is about 141,000 people. It is the capital of Ghazni Province.

Just like other cities of Afghanistan, Ghazni is very old and has seen many military invasions.

Infrastructure[change | edit source]

Education[change | edit source]

The city has a number of public schools.

Resources[change | edit source]

Ghazni City is located in an area of extreme drought. In 2007, one of the gates on a fifty-year-old dam on the Jikhai River broke. This worried the people of Ghazni city about the water supply. The dam serves as a good source of irrigation water to Ghazni City and the surrounding agricultural areas.[1][2] Nearby rivers have a history of flooding and causing severe damage and death,[3] though efforts have begun to fix this.[4]

Notables from Ghazni[change | edit source]

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