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Glaucous is a colour that is bluish-green or bluish-grey. In botany it refers to a pale bluish waxy or powdery layer on a surface such as a leaf or a fruit. In birds it refers to a pale bluish grey colour of the feathers, legs or some other part of the bird.[1][2] 'Glaucous' appears in the name of some plants and birds. For example - Glaucous Gull, (Larus glaucescens) or Glaucous Macaw, (Anodorhynchus glaucus). In botany there is the Glaucous Sedge, (Carex flacca) and the Glaucous Michelmas Daisy, (Symphyotrichum laeve). Often grapes, plums and other fruit have a glaucous waxy or powdery layer on the surface of their skin which can be easily rubbed off and which serves to protect the fruit from water.[3]

Gaucous Gull showing glaucous wing colour
Black grapes showing glaucous bloom on their skins
Trachycarpus princeps showing glaucous underside to leaves

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