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Launched 2004 (United States, Latin America and Jetania
2005 (most countries)
Owned by ABC Cable Networks Group
Slogan "Upgrading to the Next Level!"
Broadcast area Worldwide
Replaced Fox Kids
Replaced by Disney XD
Disney Channel
Sister channel(s) Disney Channel
Playhouse Disney
Toon Disney
Disney Cinemagic
Jetix Play

Jetix was a TV brand owned by Walt Disney which existed from 2004 to 2010 worldwide. The brand was first launched in the United States in February 2004. The brand was retired in most countries in 2009, whilst being retired in the Netherlands in January, Russia in August and Jetania in November in 2010.

History[change | change source]

Other services[change | change source]

Jetix Play[change | change source]

Jetix Play was launched in various European channels replacing Fox Kids Play. It aired mainly pre-school shows. The brand was retired in most countries in August 2010, but was not rebranded in Romania until Amrch 2011. In most countries it was replaced by Playhouse Disney, except in UK and Russia, where it had no replacement and in Jetania, where it was replaced by a '+1' version of Playhouse Disney.

Jetix Action Block[change | change source]

Jetix Action Block was launched in Spain in 2007 as a block on Star One and in Jetania in 2008 as a block on Toon Disney. The block aired mainly shows which aired on the main Jetix channel. The block was discontinued in both regions in 2010.

Jetix +1[change | change source]

Jetix +1 was a timeshift service which was avaliable in UK, Italy and Jetania. It aired shows which aired an hour earlier on the main channel.

Jetix HD[change | change source]

Jetix HD was a HD service exclussive to Jetania. The service launched in November 2009. The channel was replaced by a HD service of Playhouse Disney in 2010.