List of rivers of Belize

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These are the main rivers of Belize. Belize has a total of 35 major and minor river catchments or watersheds which drain into the Caribbean Sea.

Watersheds[change | edit source]

Northern watersheds[change | edit source]

  • Penchuc River
  • Pendejo River
  • Xaibe River
  • Punetas River
  • Rasca Culo Pond
  • Tiburcio Pond in Xaibe
  • Anacleto River
  • Brian Chan River
  • Israel Pond
  • Deniss Maliante Pond
  • Baracouta Pond
  • Fresh Water Creek
  • New River
  • Northern River
  • Hondo River

Central watersheds[change | edit source]

Southeastern watersheds[change | edit source]

Southern watersheds[change | edit source]

Resources[change | edit source]

  • BERDS map
  • Boles, R. 1999. The Sibun River Watershed Atlas.