Olga Syahputra

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Olga Syahputra
Born Yoga Syahputra
8 February 1983 (1983-02-08) (age 32)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation Actress, Singer, and Comedian
Years active 2003 – present
Olga Syahputra

Yoga Syahputra (born 8 February 1983) is an Indonesian actor, comedian and singer.[1]

Career[change | change source]

Yoga is the eldest of seven children of Nur Rachman and Nurhida. He first began acting Lenong Bocah. Unfortunately the guy bleed Minang's - Javanese is required to participate in the first practice Studio Ananda. Because no money, Olga was forced to sell a refrigerator to pay for courses in studio Ananda. Olga friend, Bertrand which then lend a hand with Olga bought a new refrigerator.[2]

Filmography[change | change source]

  • Tina Toon dan Lenong Bocah The Movie (2004)
  • Susahnya Jadi Perawan (2008)
  • Mau Lagi? (2008)
  • Basahhh... (2008)
  • Cintaku Selamanya (2008)
  • Mas Suka, Masukin Aja-Besar Kecil I'ts Okay (2008)
  • Pacar Hantu Perawan (2011)
  • Kung Fu Pocong Perawan (2012)
  • Taman Lawang (film) (2013)

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