Pierre Gamarra

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Pierre Gamarra
Born July 10, 1919(1919-07-10)
Toulouse, France
Died May 20, 2009(2009-05-20) (aged 89)
Argenteuil, France
Occupation Novelist, poet, critic
Genres fable, poetry, novel
Notable work(s) Mon cartable

Pierre Gamarra (Toulouse, July, 10, 1919Argenteuil, May, 20, 2009) was a French writer. He was a poet and novelist. He is famous for his poems and novels for the children. Pierre Gamarra also worked for a literary magazine, Europe.

Life[change | change source]

Pierre Gamarra was born in Toulouse in 1919. From 1938 until 1940, he was a teacher in the south of France. He became a journalist in 1944.

In 1948 he received an international prize for his novel The Fiery House.

In 1951 he began working for the literary magazine Europe.

Pierre Gamarra died in 2009 in Argenteuil, near Paris, at the age of 89 .

Books[change | change source]

Most of his novels are based in the southwest of France. That is the region where is was born.

His books are not yet translated into English. His poems are well known by French schoolchildren; for example, My Schoolbag (in French, Mon Cartable) or The Cosmonaut and his host (in French, Le Cosmonaute et son hôte).

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