Pope Julius II

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Julius II
Papacy began November 1, 1503
Papacy ended February 21, 1513
Predecessor Pius III
Successor Leo X
Personal details
Birth name Giuliano della Rovere
Born December 5, 1443
Albisola, Italy
Died February 21, 1513
Rome, Italy

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Pope Julius II (Latin: Iulius Secundus; December 5, 1443 - February 21, 1513), originally Giuliano Della Rovere, was an Italian priest of the Roman Catholic Church and the 217th Pope from 1503 until his death in 1513.[1] He was known as "the Warrior Pope."[2]

He was the nephew of Pope Sixtus IV.[3]

Early life[change | edit source]

Giuliano della Rovere was the son of Rafaello della Rovere.[4]

His uncle would become Pope Sixtus IV.[4]

Cardinal[change | edit source]

In 1471, Sixtus made della Rovere a cardinal.[4]

Pope[change | edit source]

Della Rovere was elected pope in 1503;[4] and he chose to be called Julius II.

Pope Julius was involved in Italian and European political disputes.[4]

In 1506, Pope Julius he established the Swiss Guard.[5]

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Coat of arms of Julius II
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Preceded by
Pius III
Succeeded by
Leo X