Pope Victor III

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Victor III
Papacy began May 9, 1086
Papacy ended September 16, 1087
Predecessor Pope Gregory VII
Successor Pope Urban II
Personal details
Birth name Dauferius di Benevento
Born 1026
Died September 16, 1087

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Pope Victor III (Latin: Victor Tertius; 1026-September 16, 1087), born Dauferius or Daufar, was an Italian cleric of the Roman Catholic Church and the 159th Pope from 1086 until his death in 1087.[1]

Early life[change | edit source]

Dauferius was born in the Lombardy region of Italy.[2]

Benedictine[change | edit source]

When Dauferius became a Benedictine monk, he took the name Desiderius. He became the abbot of Monte Cassino.[2]

Cardinal[change | edit source]

In 1059, Abbot Desiderius was made a cardinal by Pope Stephen IX.[2]

Pope[change | edit source]

Despite frail health, he was elected pope in 1086.[2]

After his death[change | edit source]

In 1887, Victor was beatified by Pope Leo XIII.[3]

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References[change | edit source]

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Preceded by
Gregory VII
Succeeded by
Urban II