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This article lists the many types of matches in professional wrestling.

Singles match[change | edit source]

A singles match is a match between two wrestlers. The first person to either win by pinfall or submission is the winner. If one of the wrestlers get disqualified, or "counted out" (when a wrestler is caught outside of the ring and the referee counts to either 10 or 20, depending on the companies' rules) they will lose the match.

There are also different types of singles matches such as a Pinfall match (where only pinfalls are allowed), Submissions match (only submissions are allowed), "I Quit" match (where a wrestler must force the other wrestler to say the words "I quit"), etc.

Tag Team match[change | edit source]

A Tag Team match is a match between four wrestlers divided in to teams of 2. One wrestler of each team stands just outside the ring ropes until he is tagged in by his partner by slapping hands or lightly slapping their partners back with the ref watching. This match is won by pinfall or submission.

Triple Threat match[change | edit source]

A Triple Threat match is regular match but with three competitors instead of two. First person to score a pinfall or submission wins.

Fatal Four-Way Elimination match[change | edit source]

This match includes four wrestlers competing against each other at once. The match continues as the wrestlers are eliminated one by one by pinfall or submission until there is only one left which is then the winner.

Steel Cage match[change | edit source]

A bloodied Kane inside a current style WWE steel cage.

A steel cage match is a match that literally takes place in a steel cage which surrounds the ring. You can win by pinfall, submission or escaping the cage by climbing over with both feet hitting the floor outside or by exiting the door with both feet hitting the floor.

Ladder match[change | edit source]

A Ladder match is a match where a prize is hung above the ring, usually a championship belt or a briefcase with a contract inside. To win you must climb a ladder and retrieve the prize. Weapons are legal in this match type.

Tables match[change | edit source]

A Tables match is a match where a wrestler must put their opponent through a table with an offensive move in order to win. The match can also be used in tag teams, under an elimination match and during a one "fall" rules match. There is also a hardcore version where the wrestler must put the opponent through a table that has been set on fire.

First Blood match[change | edit source]

A First Blood match is a match where there are no disqualifications. To win the match, a wrestler must make their opponent bleed.

Last Man Standing match[change | edit source]

A Last Man Standing match is a match where a wrestler has to hurt their opponent enough to where he cannot make it to his feet before the count of 10, the one who cannot meet the count loses. There are no pinfalls or submission, no disqualifications, no count outs.

Iron Man match[change | edit source]

An Iron Man match is a match where there is a set time limit and is also a multiple-fall match. The way to win the match is to have the most points by the end of the time limit. To gain a point, the wrestler must pin or submit their opponent. A point can also be gained by countout or disqualification.

Falls Count Anywhere match[change | edit source]

A Falls Count Anywhere match is a match where a pinfall can happen anywhere in the arena. Weapons are usually legal. The types of matches often go in to the audience, the hallways and backstage areas.