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The Asociación PuntuLLI (dot LLI) is an association that promotes the creation of a Top Level Domain for the Leonese Language and Culture.

Similar campaigns started in Scotland (dot SCO), Wales (dot CYM), Berlin (dot Berlin) or New York (dot New York).

PuntuLLI is recognised by cityTLD[1] as a Top Level Domain official initiative.

Origins[change | edit source]

The campaign for reaching a .lli domain started on January 2007 looking for the support of associations and institutions. Between the organizations that support this requirement to the ICANN there are associations about culture, language, sport or nature.

Objectives[change | edit source]

This association promotes the creation of a .lli domain in Internet, according to the ICANN policy of giving Top Level Domains for the languages and cultures. In this sense, puntuLLI promotes a Leonese language and cultural domain.

Activities[change | edit source]

In 2008 PuntuLLI have collaborated with other initiatives for promoting the Leonese language like an sponsor, specially the Armwrestling World Championship, developed in Llión, the Leonese Country Pipe Bands Championship. Leonese City Council selected puntuLLI as official developer of the Internet activities in the III Leonese Language Day[2].

Supports[change | edit source]

There are more than 800 people added and 44 organisations that support the campaign, via web, for reaching a Top Level Domain for Leonese language and culture webs [3].

Similar campaigns[change | edit source]

Actually there are campaigns for reaching TLDs for languages and cultures in Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Galicia, Basque Country, England, Quebec and Cornwall.

Similar campaigns, requesting a TLD for cities, are developed in Berlin, London, New York and Paris.

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