Saint Dunstan

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Saint Dunstan of Canterbury
Dunstan shoeing the Devil's hoof, as illustrated by George Cruikshank
Born 909, Baltonsborough, Somerset, England
Died 988, Canterbury, England
Major shrine Canterbury Cathedral (but also claimed by Glastonbury Abbey), both now destroyed
Feast May 19
Attributes gold cup; pincers; man holding a pair of smith's tongs; with a dove hovering near him; with a troop of angels before him
Patronage armourers; blacksmiths; blind people; Charlottetown, Canada; gold workers; goldsmiths; jewellers; lighthouse keepers; locksmiths; musicians; silver workers; silversmiths; swordsmiths

Dunstan (909May 19, 988) was an Archbishop of Canterbury (960988) who was later canonized as a saint. He became famous for the many stories told about his dealing with the Devil.

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