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Samer Kamal is a Jordanian athlete. He won the bronze medal in Taekwondo (a form of martial arts) in the 1988 Olympic Games at Seoul, South Korea. He was the first Jordanian athlete to get a medal for Jordan in the Olympics in Seoul. This made him the pride for many Jordanians in the 80's.

Samer Kamal is a 8th Dan Black Belt, international referee and an international trainer. He was given the Independence Badge of Honor (4th Degree) by His Majesty the late King Hussein Ben Talal in the 1988 and was chosen 7th best Jordanian athlete for the century on the year 1999.

Samer started his sports career as a Marketing Manager at the Jordan based Sports Marketing Company DUNK. He managed to export his experience to Qatar where he was appointed as General Manager responsible for the creation of a sports marketing company with the purpose of promoting Qatari football. Soon after, Samer decided to start his own sports marketing company “SportUpJordan” to promote local athletes. Within a year, he was able to ensure sponsorships for Jordanian athletes that now reign on world class podiums. He created the biggest and sole bilingual sports portal and established mobile sports content serving the region. The pioneering experience created an attractive product which was acquired by Maktoob Group, the leading Arabic Internet company who recently were acquired by Yahoo.

His vast sports experience coupled with passion expanded internationally. Samer was appointed Director of Business Development at Right To Play, the international humanitarian organization based in Canada, that uses sport programs to improve health and foster peace for children and communities in disadvantaged areas. He successfully managed to raise funds and implement unique sports initiatives across the MENA region.

Outside his professional role, Samer is active in the local, regional and international sports communities. In the year 2009 he was appointed as an Executive Board Member of the World Olympians Association, Chairman of Business Affairs Commission. In November 2011, Samer become President of Asia Oceana Olympains Association.

Samer pursued his higher studies in Management Studies at Robert Gordon University, Scotland after he completed his undergraduate at Jordan University in Business Administration.

Samer Kamal competed in the following International Taekwondo Championships:

Event Location Year Medal
Asian Taekwondo Championships Singapore 1982  
World Taekwondo Championships Copenhagen, Denmark 1983  
Asian Taekwondo Championships Manila, Philippines 1984  
Asian Championships Australia 1986 Bronze Medalist
World Cup Championships Colorado, USA 1986  
Asian Games Seoul, Korea 1986 Silver Medalist
World University Championships USA 1986 Silver Medalist
Belgium International Championships Belgium 1987 Bronze Medalist
Belgium International Championships Belgium 1988  
Olympic Games Seoul, Korea 1988 Bronze Medalist
Luxembourg International Championships Luxembourg 1988 Gold Medalist
Belgium International Championships Belgium 1989  
World Games Germany 1989  
World Championships Seoul, Korea 1989  

Taekwondo Refereeing & Arbitration Experience: • 1st Class International Referee since 1999 • International Referee since 1989 • Chairman of the Arab Referee Committee from the year 1997 until 1999 • Chairman of the Jordanian Referee Committee for the years 91,92,94,96, and 97

Lectures • Lecturer of Rules & Regulations for the International Instructor course - Sana’a (Yemen) 1998 • Lecturer of Rules & Regulations for the Tunisian Referees – (Tunis) 1998. • Lecturer of Rules & Regulations for the International Instructor course - Doha (Qatar) 2003

Referee & Arbitration membership • Chairman of the Arbitration Board of the 1st Bahrain Internation Taekowndo Championship – Manamah (Bahrain) 2007 • Referee Director for the 2nd Arab Taekwondo Championships – Rabat (Morocco) 1998 • Refereed in the unrecognized Cyprus International Championships – Nicosia (Cyprus) 1996 • Referee Chairman of the 9th Pan Arab Games – Amman (Jordan) 1999 • Referee Chairman of The Aqsa International Championships – Doha (Qatar) 2001

Seminars & Courses 1) Joined the 19th International Referee Seminar – Cairo (Egypt) 1989 2) Joined the International Referee Refreshing Course – Athens (Greece) 1991 3) Joined the International Referee Refreshing Course – Olympia (France) 1992 4) Joined the International Referee Refreshing Course – Manila (Philippines) 1995 5) Joined the International Referee Refreshing Course – Orlando (USA) 1998 6) Joined the International Referee Refreshing Course – Athens (Greece) 1999 7) Joined the International Referee Refreshing Course – Amman (Jordan) 2002 8) Joined International Referee Refreshing Course – Cairo (Egypt) 2007

Participations as referee 1)Participated in the World Cup Championships – Barcelona (Spain) 1990 2)Participated in the World Championships – Athens (Greece) 1991 3)Participated in the Asian Championships – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 1992 4)Participated in the World Championships – New York (USA) 1993 5)Participated in the US Open, Orlando International recognized Championships – Florida (USA) 1998 6)Participated in the 13th Asian Games – Bangkok (Thailand) 1998 7)Participated in the US Open, Los Angeles International recognized Championships – California (USA) 1999 8)Participated in the World Championships – Edmonton (Canada) 1999 9)Participated in the World Championships – Garmich (Germany) 2003