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Scantron from Eagan, Minnesota, USA, is a company, that makes and sells machine-readable papers on which students mark answers to test questions, the machines to check those answers, survey and test scoring systems, systems for school attendance (with a mark meaning an missing student) and image-based data collection software and scanners.

Background[change | change source]

A Scantron test scoring system is a multiple-choice, fill-in-the-bubble form. It can have different length and width, from one column, 15-answer tests, to several 8.5×11-inch pages used in standardized testing, such as the SAT and the ACT.

How it works[change | change source]

Students use Number 2 pencils to fill in bubbles on the Scantron paper.[1] The papers are put into a scanner which reads the answers and finds out the score. The score tells the teacher how well the student did on the test.

A problem with the system is that if a student skips a line (for example marking question 18's answer in space 19), the remaining answers will be in the wrong spaces, and are likely to be marked wrong. Usually the student catches this.

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