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A scooter with a petrol engine
A scooter that is pushed with the foot

A scooter is a bicycle or tricycle with very small wheels. Some scooters have a motor, some have pedals, and some are pushed with the foot. Scooters with motors are called motor scooters. There are many different kinds of scooters such as motor scooters, kick scooters. One brand of kick scooter is Razor.

Riders of motor scooters need to have the same kind of driver's licence as riders of motorcycles, unless the law says the motor scooter is enough like a moped that the rider only needs the kind of licence that a moped rider needtwo peoples can sit in scooter. In the new age scooter is not only said scooter but also scooty.Many scooter are of four wheels those who dont have much balance can drive it it is easiest vehicle to drive.