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Second Life is a big online game. Unlike most games, Second Life does not have any single goal that players must achieve. They are free to do anything they want. They are also free to make up new things and add them to Second Life. Players can make places, clothes, and other things. Because of this, some people think that Second Life is not a game at all. They say that it is a platform (in computing, "a platform" can mean something which is used as a base from which you make things).

All players are free to do anything they want in Second Life. Because of this, in fact there are some things that cannot be done in Second Life that can be in other online games, because other people will not let them be done when they have a free choice. For example, users can fight each other in Second Life, but either person can stop fighting any time and they do not really lose anything by doing so.

Because Second Life lets people make things, people can make things that are about real life things. Many universities and companies are using Second Life for education and training, including Harvard and Oxford universities.

In 2007 Second Life started to be used for foreign language tuition [1]. Both Second Life and real life language educators have begun to use the virtual world for language tuition. English (as a foreign language) has gained a presence through several schools, including the British Council, which has focused on the Teen Grid. Spain’s language and cultural institute “Instituto Cervantes” has an island on Second Life. A list of educational projects (including some language schools) in Second Life can be found on the SimTeach site. Each year the SLanguages conference explores language learning in Second Life.

The police in Germany warned the owners of the website because they did not stop paedophile activity on the site[2]. Even if it is only pretend, sexual abuse of children is illegal in Germany.

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