Shimbashi Station

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JR East Shimbashi Station entrance.
Yurikamome Shimbashi Station entrance.

Shimbashi Station(新橋駅,しんばしえき) is a railway station of JR East, Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway, and Yurikamome in Tokyo.

Neighbor[change | change source]

JR East
Keihin-Tōhoku Line
Yūrakuchō - Shimbashi - Hamamatsuchō
Yamanote Line
Yūrakuchō - Shimbashi - Hamamatsuchō
Tōkaidō Line
Tokyo - Shimbashi - Shinagawa
Yokosuka Line
Tokyo - Shimbashi - Shinagawa
Tokyo Metro
BSicon lDST saffron.svgGinza Line
Toranomon (G 07) - Shimbashi (G 08) - Ginza (G 09)
Toei Subway
BSicon exlDST ruby.svgToei Asakusa Line
Airport Expless
Daimon (A 09) - Shimbashi (A 10) - Nihombashi (A 13)
Daimon (A 09) - Shimbashi (A 10) - Higashi-Ginza (A 11)
Yurikamome Line
Shimbashi (U 01) - Shiodome (U 02)

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