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Snoopy is the name of Charlie Brown's pet beagle in the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz.[1] Born on the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, Snoopy started out in the background, but eventually turned into a main character. He had seven siblings, Belle, Molly, Andy, Olaf, Spike (His brother. He has met Mickey mouse and received a pair of shoes!), Rover and Marbles. All the siblings are shown at some point or another in either the strip or subsequent movies. The character Snoopy was noted for his many alter egos, including The World War I Flying Ace, The Scout Leader and World Literary Ace. Snoopy is a great cosplayer. Snoopy also became "Joe Cool" as he put on sunglasses and leaned against the wall doing nothing. He often had wise things to say about the humans around him. He has weak sight so he always wears a contact lens. He doesn't have dog teeth but human teeth. He often shares witty sayings with his sidekick Woodstock, a small yellow bird of unspecified species. He likes to eat cookies, and he doesn't like the cat next door.

Characters[change | change source]

  • Charlie Brown: He is the master of Snoop. But Snoopy doesn't remember Charlie's name, so he calls him 'round-headed boy'. He loves Baseball and Peanut-butter sandwiches.
  • Sally: She is Charlie Brown's younger sister. Her character is argumentative.
  • Linus: He is an intellectual but a romanticist. He always has his favorite blanket.
  • Lucy: She is always bold. She doesn't like talking logically.
  • Woodstock..He is Snoopy's best friend. He is a small, yellow bird. Only Snoopy can communicate with him and recognize him.
  • Schroeder..He is a pianist and likes Beethoven. He usually plays the piano.
  • Peppermint Patty..She is bold but dull. She is a good baseball player, but not good at studying.
  • Marcie..She is a good friend of Peppermint Patty. She is earnest, but not good at baseball.
  • Pigpen..He is optimistic. He can gather dust like a magnet.
  • Franklin..He is thoughtful and calm. He played with Charlie Brown and made friends.


Dog house[change | change source]

Snoopy's house is so much larger inside than it appears from the outside. The house has stairs and the lower floor has TV, air conditioner, table tennis set, billiard set, library, and so on. Charlie Brown made it.

Snoopy's family[change | change source]

  • Spike..He is Snoopy's big brother. Snoopy trust him very much. He is a friend of Mickey Mouse.
  • Olaf..He is Snoopy's small brother. He is fat.
  • Andy..He is Snoopy's brother.Unreliable character.
  • Marbles..He is Snoopy's small brother. Whimsical character.
  • Belle..She is Snoopy's small sister. She is cute and fashionable.
  • Rover..He is Snoopy's brother.
  • Molly..She is Snoopy's sister.
  • Missy..She is Snoopy's mother.

Snoopy's costumes[change | change source]

  • Joe Cool: He is a cool student and likes girls.
  • World War I flying ace: He is a pilot of Sopwith Camel.
  • Writer: He writes always, but it's not so good. Lucy gives him advice.
  • Lawyer: He drags a briefcase.
  • The world-famous beagle scout: He is a boy scout. Other members of his troop are Woodstock and his friends.

Games[change | change source]

We can enjoy 'Snoopy Streets' on iPhone iTouch and iPad. We can arrange a shop city with Charlie Brown and PEANUT's friends in this game.

References[change | change source]