Surgeon General of the United States

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Surgeon General of the United States
Regina Benjamin official portrait.jpg
VADM Regina Benjamin

since January 11, 2010
Appointer President of the United States
Formation March 29, 1871
First holder John M. Woodworth
Website Official Website

The Surgeon General of the United States is in charge of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC). They are the main spokesperson about things dealing with public health in the federal government. The Surgeon General's office and staff are known as the Office of the Surgeon General (OSG).

Selection and current office-holder[change | change source]

The Surgeon General is chosen by the U.S. President and confirmed by the Senate. The Surgeon General serves for a four-year period of time. The Surgeon General is either the highest ranking or second highest ranking uniformed officer of the PHSCC. This depends on if the current Assistant Secretary for Health is a PHSCC commissioned officer or not. The position has the grade of a three-star vice admiral .[1] The current Surgeon General is Regina Benjamin. She was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on October 29, 2009. She began work on November 3, 2009,[2] and was officially sworn in January 11, 2010.[3]

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