Susana Dosamantes

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Susana Dosamantes
Born Susana Dosamantes Rul Riestra
9 January 1948 (1948-01-09) (age 66)
Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico
Occupation Actress
Spouse Enrique Rubio (1969-1974) (divorced)
Children Paulina Rubio and Enrique Rubio

Susana Dosamantes (born Susana Rue Riestra on 9 January 1948 in Guadalajara, Mexico), is a Mexican actress.

Personal life[change | change source]

She is the mother of Mexican pop diva Paulina Rubio,[1] She has appeared in around 50 movies and TV series, including telenovelas. On 11 January 2011, her ex-husband died from kidney cancer.

In recent years Dosamantes has worked in the United States so that she could live near her daughter, Paulina. Both Susana and Paulina now live in Miami, Florida.

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