That's So Raven

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That's So Raven
Format Children's television series
Situation comedy
Starring Raven-Symone
Anneliese van der Pol
Orlando Brown
Kyle Massey
Rondell Sheridan
T'Keyah Crystal Keymah
Opening theme "That's So Raven Theme Song"
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 100
Running time 30 minutes with commercials
Original channel Disney Channel
Original run January 17, 2003November 10, 2007

That's So Raven is an original Disney television comedy series. The main character is a teenage girl, Raven Baxter, played by actress Raven-Symoné. The original character name was Dawn Baxter. Then it was changed to Mariah Baxter, then to Raven Baxter when Raven Symone won the part.

Summary[change | change source]

Raven Baxter is a psychic teenager who can see the future. She sees the future in visions. She has to try to understand her visions. Sometimes, she tries to keep them from coming true.

Cast[change | change source]

  • Raven-Symoné as Raven Baxter
  • Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter
  • Anneliese van der Pol as Chelsea Daniels
  • Orlando Brown as Eddie Thomas
  • Rondell Sheridan as Victor Baxter
  • T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh as Tanya Baxter

Episodes[change | change source]

Season 1[change | change source]

  1. Test of Friendship
  2. Mother Dearest
  3. Party Animal
  4. Wake Up, Victor
  5. A Fish Called Raven
  6. Smell of Victory
  7. Campaign in the Neck
  8. Saving Psychic Raven
  9. The Parties
  10. Ye Olde Dating Game
  11. Dissin' Cousins
  12. Teach Your Children Well
  13. Driven to Insanity
  14. A Dog by Any Other Name
  15. Saturday Afternoon Fever
  16. A Fight at the Opera
  17. Psychics Wanted
  18. If I Only Had a Job
  19. Escape Claus
  20. Separation Anxiety
  21. To See or Not to See

Season 2[change | change source]

  1. Out of Control
  2. Don't Have a Cow
  3. Run Raven Run
  4. Clothes Minded
  5. Four's a Crowd
  6. Hearts and Minds
  7. Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
  8. That's So Not Raven
  9. Blue in the Face
  10. Spa Day Afternoon
  11. Leave It to Diva
  12. There Goes the Bride
  13. Radio Heads
  14. A Goat's Tale
  15. He's Got the Power
  16. Skunk'd
  17. The Dating Shame
  18. The Road to Audition
  19. The Lying Game
  20. Numb and Numb-er
  21. My Big Fat Pizza Party
  22. Shake, Rattle and Rae

Season 3[change | change source]

  1. Psychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy
  2. Stark Raven Mad
  3. Opportunity Shocks
  4. Taken to the Cleaners
  5. Five Finger Discount
  6. Sweeps
  7. Double Vision
  8. Bend It Like Baxter
  9. The Big Buzz
  10. True Colors
  11. Dog Day After-Groom
  12. The Royal Treatment
  13. Art Breaker
  14. Boyz 'N Commotion
  15. Gettin' Outta Dodge
  16. On Top of Old Oaky
  17. They Work Hard for His Honey
  18. Mind Your Own Business
  19. Hizzouse Party
  20. Mismatch Maker
  21. Chef-Man and Raven
  22. When in Dome
  23. Too Much Pressure
  24. Extreme Cory
  25. The Grill Next Door
  26. Point of No Return
  27. Country Cousins (Part 1)
  28. Country Cousins (Part 2)
  29. Food for Thought
  30. Mr. Perfect
  31. Goin' Hollywood
  32. Save the Last Dance
  33. Cake Fear
  34. Vision Impossible
  35. The Four Aces

Season 4[change | change source]

  1. Raven, Sydney, and the Man
  2. Pin Pals
  3. Dues and Don'ts
  4. Unhappy Medium
  5. Adventures In Boss Sitting
  6. Hook Up My Space
  7. Driving Miss Lazy
  8. Be Prepared
  9. Juicer Consequences
  10. Sister Act
  11. Checkin' Out
  12. Fur Better or Worse
  13. Mad Hot Cotillion
  14. When 6021 Met 4267
  15. Soup to Nuts
  16. Members Only
  17. The Ice Girl Cometh
  18. Rae of Sunshine
  19. The Dress Is Always Greener
  20. Teacher's Pet
  21. The Way We Were
  22. Where There's Smoke - Finale