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Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus was an important Ancient Rome Tribune who presented an important reform called the "Lex Sempronia Agraria". This law was meant to reduce the number of poor and homeless people by only allowing the rich to have a certain amount of land, while giving the rest to homeless veterans of the Roman military. But the Roman Senate did not like his plan. They convinced another tribune, named Marcus Octavius, to oppose Tiberius Gracchus. Eventually, enough tension built up that some of the Senators beat Tiberius to death with their chairs and threw his dead body into the Tiber. Tiberius' death is seen as the first death caused by political problems in the Roman government.

Tiberius' brother, Gaius Gracchus, also tried to reform the Roman government and was also killed. Together, the two are called the Gracchi. Their attempts at reform had a lasting effect on Rome, because later on the Senate used some of the ideas from their reforms in their own laws.

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