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Introduction[change | change source]

I'm Frits, 15 years old and I'm here with a mission. My mission's creating a large database of Formula One articles on the Simple English wikipedia, one similar to the English wikipedia. I will also do my best to help people and provide a foundation for the Formula One articles. Aside from Wikipedia, I've been a member of deviantART since July 13, 2004. In those two years, I started working with photography and pixel art.

Formula One and Ayrton Senna[change | change source]

I've been watching Formula One since I was a little boy. I think I saw my first race in '93. I remember seeing Ayrton Senna crash on May 1, 1994. After that season, it took a while before I saw another race. When we bought a Playstation in 1998 or 1999 we also bought a Formula One game along with it, and ever since I've been actively following the Formula One.