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Warning: This is a copy of the users Wikipedia page, and edits to this 
page may be lost during updates, some data was deleted to and added to 
fit the simple english wikipedia.
Thank you for coming to my user page, I'm Nikro. I like to start discussions and articles.

My created articles[change | change source]

↓My Wikipedia articles are below↓

Nikro userpage[change | change source]

My userpage might and probably will need help. Jobs I'd like done are listed below:

  • 1- The Talkpage might need watching, Checking to make sure posts are in the right category would be very nice (do not strike this job out).
  • 2- Job 1 is also needed for the userpage, please. (do not strike this job out).

AIC[change | change source]

Anyone willing to help at AIC, you're welcome to. Anyone willing to help AIC itself, I'm going to list jobs I need done here. When the job is completely done, Strike it through. For information about AIC, visit the site.


  • 1- Links are needed. AIC needs people to submit new articles, and it Must have Wikipedians to help with the articles that's enlisted. Please explore and find places that AIC might beable to have links at. to git an ideal about AIC to help you find suitable links, please go there.
  • 2- AIC needs the articles enlisted, to be incomplete, but this could cause Deletion tags. I need a way to protect enlisted articles from being deleted.
  • 3- AIC might need monitoring,this is/can be for many reasons, including; checking the enlisted articles/ checking for deletion tags/ checking for mistakes/ Ect... Ect.../ This is a when ever job. Do not strike through.

Gold Coast Art Centre[change | change source]

I created the GCAC article and is happy with the way it turned out.


  • 1- Good links for the link headline.
  • 2- Review and edit it.
  • 3- Add to if needed.

Thank you, and remember to strike through the job when completed.{ Strike} Any comments on this page, come here.

This article was translated into Simple English by Nikro

My simple English articles[change | change source]

↓My Simple English articles are below↓

Shield[change | change source]

My article on shield was made because I felt it was needed. This article also got me to make and article on the shield types. Here

Shortcuts[change | change source]

These are shortcuts I made so I won't have to go through Wikipedia to get to these places, just click on these! :)

Wikipedia:Village pump (all)


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