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Hi, my name is Omar (age 21) and I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. My interest is drawing and creating story ideas. It has been my desire to use this talent later in the future to illustrate contemporary problems and ideas to our globalized world.

Previously, I was in Beirut, Lebanon. I've returned to Lagos (again), in fact. Apart from the current protest by the March 8 Coalition (Amal, Free Patriotic Movement, and Hizballah), I have certificate recognition problem with the Lebanese ministry of higher studies. Since my WASSCE certificates did not meet its standard, despite being related to the Cambridge International Examinations (which is among the few exams recognized by the government), I'm kinda hoping to just resume studies with Aptech soon and just stick to programming. But hey, at least I made it to Nigeria safely on Christmas, thanks to the Middle East Airlines and good weather.

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