Victims of Acts of Terror Memorial in Israel

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Coordinates: 31°46′29.97″N 35°10′40.86″E / 31.7749917°N 35.1780167°E / 31.7749917; 35.1780167

אנדרטת חללי הטרור - הר הרצל 6.jpg

The Victims of Acts of Terror Memorial (Hebrew: אנדרטת חללי פעולות האיבה, Andartat Halalei Pe'ulot HaEiva) is a memorial to all victims of terrorism in Israel from 1851 onward. The memorial is located at the National Civil Cemetery of the State of Israel in Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. The memorial includes the names of Jewish and non-Jewish people who have been killed in acts of terror.

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