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Somebody receiving a wedgie

A wedgie occurs when a persons underwear is forcibly pulled up their buttocks. A wedgie is usually given by bullies to humiliate their target, or as a prank between friends. There are many forms of wedgies. Wedgies can be given from the front ( melvins) and in many other ways. they are very painful and are used in many man situations. For example: Birthday wedgie when the victims underwear is pulled up round all the sides, and tied at the top like a present. spanking wedgie when the persons underwear is pulled up and they are then spanked. Hanging wedgie when the underwear is hung usually on a hook until it rips or the victim is let down. Dangling wedgie similar to a hanging wedgie but the persons underwear is held by the giver o they can only just touch the ground. Bra connection wedgie when a females underwear is hooked in her bra making the wedgie permenant. bouncing wedgie when the person is bounced while in the wedgie usually by the underwear. chair wedgie when the top of the underwear is hooked onto the top of the chair resuting in discomfort when sitting down. Atomic wedgie when the underwear is pulled over the victims head and stuck there. Messy wedgie when food or other substances are put down the pants of the victim while wedgied. running edgie while the victim is forced to run while wedgied some people increase he wedgie as the person runs. ripper wedgie when the victim is wedgied until the underwear is ripped off. squeaky clean wedgie when he victims underwear is pulled up at the front then the back creating friction . their are many different types of wedgie. A bathroom wedgie is preformed in the bathroom. The victim is urinating and given an extreme wedgie. The victim needs to hold it in. Which is very painful. A ride wedgie is when the victim is given a normal wedgie, but the giver drags the victim around and around. Usually fun for the giver.