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Microsoft Windows is a popular operating system software for computers. Windows is made by the Microsoft company. Almost 90% of desktop and laptop computers have Windows installed (included). The newest version of Windows is Windows 8.1, though Windows 10 is currently being developed and will come out later in 2015.

Most newly bought personal computers have Windows 8 or Windows 7 installed. Some cheaper computers have older versions of Windows included.

In November 20, 1985 "Microsoft Windows version 1.0" went on sale. Windows 8.1 went on sale in August, 2013.

Windows makes it easier to run programs (applications) than DOS did. It also helps people keep their files safe and in order.

Some programs are included with Windows. Some examples are:

Many new applications are available that are not included with Windows. Some popular applications are games, word processors (to write letters) or add-on programs like Adobe Flash Player (to watch video clips and play games on websites). Adding new applications to Windows is called "installing". Applications can be bought on a CD or DVD. Applications can also be downloaded from the Internet, sometimes for free.

Popular Windows versions[change | change source]

Release date Product name Notes Last IE
May 22, 1990 Windows Unsupported (help for problems no longer given by Microsoft) 5.x
July 27, 1993 Windows NT Unsupported 5.x
August 24, 1995 Windows 9x Unsupported 6
November 17, 1996 Windows CE Unsupported 6
February 17, 2000 Windows 20xx Unsupported[1] 10
September 14, 2000 Windows Me Unsupported 6
October 25, 2001 Windows XP Unsupported 8
November 30, 2006 (volume licensing)
January 30, 2007 (retail)
Windows Vista Current. Version Changed to NT 6.0.6001 with SP1 (February 4 08) 9
July 2007 Windows Home Server 20xx Current 8
February 2008 Windows Server 2008 Current 9
October 22, 2009 Windows 7.x Current 11
October 26, 2012 Windows 8.x Current 10
August 26, 2012 Windows RT 8.x Current 11
Late 2015 Windows 10 In Development

Criticism[change | change source]

Many users complain that Windows operating systems cause them problems. Some people think that their computers become slower because of Windows. Many people also complain about security problems. As Windows is the most popular operating system, most computer viruses are written to infect computers running Windows.[source?]

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