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Łódź Voivodeship

Coordinates: 51°40′N 19°26′E / 51.667°N 19.433°E / 51.667; 19.433
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Łódź Voivodeship
Województwo łódzkie
Flag of Łódź Voivodeship
Coat of arms of Łódź Voivodeship
Location within Poland
Location within Poland
Division into counties
Division into counties
Coordinates (Łódź): 51°40′N 19°26′E / 51.667°N 19.433°E / 51.667; 19.433
Country Poland
 • VoivodeTobiasz Bocheński (PiS)
 • MarshalGrzegorz Schreiber (PiS)
 • Total18,219 km2 (7,034 sq mi)
 (31 December 2018)
 • Total2,466,322 Decrease
 • Urban
1,542,678 Decrease
 • Rural
923,644 Increase
 (nominal; 2014)[1]
 • Total€25 billion
 • Per capita€10,000
ISO 3166 codePL-10
Vehicle registrationE
HDI (2017)0.853[2]
very high · 7th
*further divided into 177 gminas

Łódź Voivodeship is one of the 16 voivodeships of Poland. The capital city is also named Łódź.

Protected areas[change | change source]

Łódź Hills Landscape Park

Protected areas in Łódź Voivodeship include seven Landscape Parks, as listed below.

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