Ōagata Shrine

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Ōagata Shrine
torii gate

Ogata Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture. It was recorded in the Engishiki Jinmyocho as a Myojin Taisha. It is the Ninomiya or second ranked shrine of Owari Province. It is a Beppyo shrine.

It is located next to Tagata Shrine. It has a vagina festival on May 14th and that shrine has a penis festival on May 15th

Description[change | change source]

Hime no Miya and Umezono
A plum orchard made on a slope.

There are many small shrines within the precincts of Ogata Shrine. In the past, there used to be two Betsugu shrines and 52 subordinate shrines. One of these shrines, called Hime no Miya, is dedicated to Tamahime no Mikoto (although some people believe it is dedicated to Kurinama no kami). Since ancient times, this shrine has been worshipped as a guardian deity for safe childbirth. This is related to the phallus-shaped object at Tagata Shrine in Komaki City. At the top of Mt. Hongu, there is Hongu Shrine, which is dedicated to the Aramitama of Oogata no Okami.

The building of the Ogata Shrine is known as 'Ogata-zukuri' and was constructed in 1661 by Mitsutomo Tokugawa, who was the second lord of the Owari Domain. [1]

In addition to the shrine itself, Ogata Shrine also oversees the Aotsuka Kofun, which is the second largest keyhole-shaped burial mound in Aichi Prefecture. The surrounding area is also filled with ancient burial mounds, including round burial mounds.

On the slope of the mountain behind the shrine's grounds, there are approximately 300 weeping plum trees.

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  • Tagata Shrine- is a Shinto shrine located in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture. Unlike Ogata Shrine, it enshrines a phallic-shaped object called 'Oowasegata'. Every year on March 15th, the shrine holds a Harvest Festival where phallus-shaped portable shrines are carried through the streets.

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