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Introduced25 August 1993
TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
Intended useInstitutions, organizations, businesses and personal sites connected with  Azerbaijan
Actual usePopular in Azerbaijan. Some use in Arizona and the Azores.
Registered domains40,690 (2022-12-10)[1]
Registration restrictionsPornography is not allowed. Registrations is only allowed for residents in Azerbaijan.
StructureRegistrations are directly at second level, or at third level beneath some second-level labels
Registry websiteWhois.az

.az is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Azerbaijan. It was launched on 25 August 1993. It is administered by Azerbaijani Communications (AZNIC). It is only for residents of Azerbaijan. There are some second-level domains that have more rules when registering.

Second-level domains[change | change source]

Second-level domains under .az are:

  • com.az - For commercial use.
  • net.az - Network providers.
  • int.az - Registered international organizations in Azerbaijan.
  • gov.az - Government agencies.
  • org.az - Registered organizations for Azerbaijan.
  • edu.az - Schools, universities and education institutions.
  • info.az - News agencies.
  • pp.az - For commercial use.
  • mil.az - Military agencies and Ministry of Defence.
  • name.az - For personal use only.
  • pro.az - For commercial use.
  • biz.az - For commercial use.
  • co.az - For commercial use.

References[change | change source]

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