15385 Dallolmo

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Discovery and designation
Discovered by Osservatorio San Vittore
Discovery place Bologna, Italy
Discovery date September 25, 1997
Name 15385
Other names 1997 SP4
Reference date May 14, 2008
Longest distance from the Sun 3.1941169
Shortest distance from the Sun 2.7301881
How long it takes to complete an orbit 1862.1281362
Mean anomaly 305.78937
Angle above the reference plane
Size and other qualities
True brightness
("absolute magnitude")

15385 Dallolmo (1997 SP4) is a Main-belt Asteroid that was found on September 25, 1997 by the Osservatorio San Vittore at Bologna, Italy[1]

It is named after Umberto Dall'Olmo (1925-1980), who was an amateur astronomer with college degrees in both law and physics, who spent most of his time observing Jupiter and studying flare stars. He was also interested in the history of astronomy and worked as a technician at the University of Bologna's Institute of Astronomy.[1]

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