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1924 Westphalia–Twente athletics competition

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1924 Westphalia–Twente athletics competition
Dates24 August 1924
Host cityMünster, German Reich
VenueSport field at the Hohenzollernring
TypeOutdoor track and field
Participation2 nations

The 1924 Westphalia–Twente athletics competition was the second international athletics competition between athletes of Westphalia, Germany and Twente, the Netherlands and so one of the earliest international female athletics competitions. The competition was held in Münster, Germany on 24 August 1924 at the sport field at the Hohenzollernring.[1] The competition included 10 events for men and 3 events for women.[2][3]

The competition was won by the Germany with 78.5 points versus the Netherlands with 61.5 points.[2]

After the competitions the teams and officials had a dinner together.[2] Afterwards the Dutch team returned home by train.[2]

Preparations and organization[change | change source]

The Dutch athlethes selected by the Twente athletics association were published on 21 August 1924.[4]

The Dutch team arrived in the morning of the competition at 10 am. by train. They were given a tour of the city of Münster. After the tour there was a joint lunch.[1]

Competition format[change | change source]

In each individual event two athletes of each team competed. In the relay event the two teams competed against each other. The winner of each event received the most points, with less points for every other place. For the overall classication all points from each teams are added together.

Competition[change | change source]

The competitions started at 3:00 pm. During the competition the weather conditions were bad. Due to the bad weather there were not many spectators.[1]


Overall classification[change | change source]

Rank Athlete Points
1 Germany Westphalia 78.5
1 Netherlands Twente 61.5


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