1988 French presidential election

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1988 French presidential election

← 1981 24 April 1988 (first round)
8 May 1988 (second round)
1995 →
  President Mitterand bij slotzitting Europa Congres Mitterand, kop, Bestanddeelnr 934-2444 (portrait crop).jpg Jacques Chirac 1990 (crop).jpg
Candidate François Mitterrand Jacques Chirac
Party Socialist Party (France) Rally for the Republic
Popular vote 16,704,279 14,218,970
Percentage 54.0% 46.0%

Présidentielle 1988 (second tour).svg
Results of the second round by department

Mitterrand:      50–55%      55–60%      >60%

Chirac:      >50%

President before election

François Mitterrand
Socialist Party (France)

Elected President

François Mitterrand
Socialist Party (France)

Presidential elections happened in France on 24 April and 8 May 1988.

In 1981, the Socialist Party leader, François Mitterrand, was elected President of France and the Left won the legislative election.

However, in 1986, the right regained a parliamentary majority.

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