1997 Qayen earthquake

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1997 Qayen earthquake
1997 Qayen earthquake is located in Iran
1997 Qayen earthquake
UTC time1997-05-10 07:57:29
ISC event1026215
Local dateMay 10, 1997 (1997-05-10)
Local time12:57
Magnitude7.3 Mw
Depth10 km (6 mi)
Epicenter33°50′38″N 59°48′36″E / 33.844°N 59.810°E / 33.844; 59.810Coordinates: 33°50′38″N 59°48′36″E / 33.844°N 59.810°E / 33.844; 59.810
Areas affectedIran
Total damage$100 million USD
Max. intensityX (Extreme)
CasualtiesAt least 1,567 dead, 2,300 injured, and around 50,000 homeless[1][2]

The 1997 Qayen earthquake was a large earthquake that struck in Northern Iran's Khorasan Province on May 10, 1997. It was also known as the Quayen, Ardekul or Qaen earthquake.[3] It was the largest in that area since 1990 and measured 7.3 on the moment magnitude scale. It was the third earthquake in 1997 that caused a lot of damage. It killed 1,567 people and injured over 2,300. It also left 50,000 homeless by damaging over 15,000 homes. There were 155 aftershocks that added to the damage, which was guessed to cost about $100 million.

The United States Geological Survey said that it was the most deadly earthquake in 1997.[2]

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