1999 İzmit earthquake

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1999 Izmit earthquake
Izmit eart6.jpg
1999 İzmit earthquake map.svg
DateAugust 17, 1999 (1999-08-17), 00:01 UTC
Magnitude6.7 Mw,[1] 7.5 Mw [2]
Depth17 km
Epicenter41.702ºN 29.987ºE[3]
Areas affected Turkey
Casualties17,127 dead, 43,953 injured (official Turkish estimate)

The 1999 Izmit earthquake was an approximately 7.4 magnitude earthquake that struck northwestern Turkey on August 17, 1999, at about 3:02am local time. The event lasted for 37 seconds, killing 15,135 people and leaving approximately half a million people homeless. After the quake international support came to the area including former United States President Bill Clinton who visited the people who had been affected from the quake in Adapazarı. The quake also caused damage in Istanbul.

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