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1 E9 m² is a term used to group together areas of similar size. It is used for places that are between 1,000 km² and 10,000 km² in area. The term is based from the scientific notation for 1 x 109.

  • 1,000 km² is equal to:
    • 100,000 hectares
    • approx. 386 square miles
    • approx. 247,105 acres.
    • a circle of radius of approx. 18 km.
    • a square of side of approx. 32 km.

Notable areas of this size by continent[change | change source]

Africa[change | change source]

Asia[change | change source]

Europe[change | change source]

North America[change | change source]

South America[change | change source]

Oceania[change | change source]

Other areas[change | change source]

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