2010 US Open – Wheelchair Men's Doubles

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2010 US Open
Champions   Netherlands Maikel Scheffers
Netherlands Ronald Vink
Runners-up   France Nicolas Peifer
United States Jon Rydberg
Final score   6–0, 6–0
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Stéphane Houdet and Stefan Olsson were the defending champions, but lost in the first round to eventual champions Maikel Scheffers and Ronald Vink.

Maikel Scheffers and Ronald Vink won this event, after won 6–0, 6–0, against Nicolas Peifer and Jon Rydberg in the final.

Seeds[change | change source]

  1. Netherlands Robin Ammerlaan / Japan Shingo Kunieda (First Round, withdrew)
  2. France Stéphane Houdet / Sweden Stefan Olsson (First Round)

Doubles[change | change source]

Key[change source]

Finals[change | change source]

  Semifinals Finals
  1  Netherlands Robin Ammerlaan
 Japan Shingo Kunieda
   France Nicolas Peifer
 United States Jon Rydberg
     France Nicolas Peifer
 United States Jon Rydberg
0 0  
     Netherlands Maikel Scheffers
 Netherlands Ronald Vink
6 6  
   Netherlands Maikel Scheffers
 Netherlands Ronald Vink
6 6  
  2  France Stéphane Houdet
 Sweden Stefan Olsson
2 1    

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