2012 Arkansas Democratic presidential primary

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2012 Arkansas Democratic presidential primary

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55 Democratic National Convention votes for election
  President Barack Obama, 2012 portrait crop.jpg John Wolfe on Lesser-Known Presidential Candidates Forum crop.jpg
Candidate Barack Obama John Wolfe Jr.
Home state Illinois Tennessee
Delegate count 47[1] 0
Popular vote 94,936 67,711
Percentage 58.37% 41.63%

Arkansas Democratic presidential primary, 2012.svg
Arkansas results by county
  Barack Obama
  John Wolfe Jr.

The 2012 Arkansas Democratic presidential primary was held on May 22 2012. The then current US president Barack Obama won the primary against Tennessee attorney and candidate who had a record of losing John Wolfe Jr, who got nearly 42% of the vote, which many people didn't think would happen. All 47 voters to decide the winner of the primary were given to, and said they would vote for Barack Obama at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.[1] While John Wolfe Jr. was allowed 19 delegates[2] to the convention because of how he had done in Arkansas, state party officials said Wolfe missed two paperwork filing deadlines related to the voters for the convention process, therefore he was not allowed to be given them.[3][4] Wolfe started legal proceedings to have voters in the primary in his name allowed.[5] Eight other delegates who didn't announce who they'd vote for, known as superdelegates, also attended the convention and cast their votes as well.

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