2013 Connecticut train crash

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Connecticut train crash
The Kawasaki M8 railcars, of which both trains were formed, were both damaged.
DateMay 17, 2013
Timec. 6.10 pm
LocationFairfield, Connecticut
Coordinates41°10′02.5″N 73°13′05″W / 41.167361°N 73.21806°W / 41.167361; -73.21806Coordinates: 41°10′02.5″N 73°13′05″W / 41.167361°N 73.21806°W / 41.167361; -73.21806
CountryUnited States
Rail lineNew Haven Line
OperatorMetro-North Railroad
Type of incidentDerailment and collision
CauseUnder investigation, broken rail suspected
Passengersc. 700
InjuriesAt least 72[1]

A Metro-North Railroad train from New York City heading to New Haven, Connecticut collided with another train on May 17, 2013.[2] This event happened at 6:10 PM (EST). An east-bound Metro-North train went off its tracks and collided with a west-bound train near Fairfield, Connecticut.[3][4]

On May 17, 2013, officials shut down the train which usually carries between 125,000 people daily.[3] It is one of the most busiest trains in the area.[3][4] Metro-North was also shut down. All Amtrak trains that uses the New York City-New Haven path are shut down. This is to avoid further collisions. Because of a bridge replacement, the two trains were the only way going and coming from New York City.[2]

Investigators believe the trains collided because the tracks were damaged.[2][3][4] Some say the damage was done when the trains collided. Others believe it was damaged before the two trains collided with each other.[3][4] The wreckage of the trains were found to be as far as 200 yards away from the area the accident happened.[2][3] Many cars that were near the event were heavily damaged. Connecticut governor, Dannel Malloy, believes this investigation will last several days.[2] The FBI were part of the investigations. On May 18, they were no longer a part of the investigation crew.[4]

One person is in critical condition at Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport, Connecticut as of May 19, 2013.[2] There were five who were critically injured.[5] One of them was "very critically injured".[5] Six patients who were injured remain in St. Vincent's Medical Center, also in Bridgeport.[2][4] Nine people are currently in the hospital, with 70 injured.[2][3][4][6] Some reports state 60 people were injured.[5][7] Many people saw broken limbs after this happened.[2]

Many people on the train had to break one of the trains windows to get out.[4][5] There are no reported deaths.[6] Many bodies flew out of the two trains.[6]

About the event[change | change source]

The Metro-North train left from Grand Central Station in New York City at 4:41 p.m (EST) on May 17, 2013. There were 300 passengers on the train.[5] It went off its track near I-95 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.[4] The other train left New Haven, Connecticut at 5:30 pm. This train had 400 passengers.[4] The two collided with each other at 6:10 pm near Fairfield, Connecticut.[3][5]

Responses[change | change source]

Local[change | change source]

Connecticut governor, Dan Malloy said in a press conference on May 18 that the investigation will be on-going for a couple days.[6] A National Transportation Safety Board member Earl Weener said that they will not release further details on what happened.[6] Bridgeport Mayor, Bill Finch believes the cost could hurt the region's economy by millions of US dollars.[6]

Non-local[change | change source]

US senator Chris Murphy said that he is very pleased that no one has died from the collision.[6] Richard Blumenthal, US senator, also said to the New York Daily News that he is happy to know no one has died.[6]

References[change | change source]

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